AD 2003 replication issue?

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I'm getting a problem in replication of Active directory 2003 that..I have two 2003 entrprise servers running under one roof, one is DC containing all the accounts and resources and the other one is Win 2003 Server Ent. with Exchange 2003 that is also functioning as a replica of our DC.

Both the servers are replicating fine to each other like a week before...I have checked the Site and Services snap-in on DC and it is properly configured.
I'm a new employee like 3 days old in this office. I made my account on the Exchange Server's AD users and computers snap in and configured my E-mail ID as well, next day someone sent me an email and he said when he was going to type my email address in the to field in his outlook 2003, my ID was there (it means GAL updated successfully).

after the I logged into DC and opened AD users and computers but I have not found my user that I actually made on to the Exchange machine...but I can logged in from that user to the domain.
As Exchange 2003 machine's showing me 74 objects when I see click "Users" in AD users and computers but when I goto our DC and open AD Users and Computers I find only 69 objects are there??? Seems like replication is working fine but the number of objects are not updating onto the DC from Exchange 2003.

In the morning I have found NtFrs event ID 13508 but when I forcefully replicated it on both the machines then after couple of minutes it shown another NtFrs event Id 13509. Means now there would be no actions required as this is normal if 13508 followed by 13509.

My manager wants me to look into the matter that why the DC's AD snap-in not showing the same number of objects as the exchange replica machine has?

any help why it is not showing?



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