The Beast has been "slayed" by a Russian Bear

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I did it! Passed the exam today morning with 867. This has been the hardest exam I've taken this year so far. Got 9 sims, 2 of which I had a trouble with. I've been studying every single day so much that I started getting headaches lately. Now the suffering is finally over. Am now MCSA 2k3 titled! 2010 is my IT year.

Not too sure about my next plans but I personally don't think I'll be going for the full MCSE (4 more exams?). As I heard 293 and 294 are even harder. I'll still need to brush up on the material of the certs I already own. Security+ could be my next goal though. A+ certified, N+ certified, and ? certified (<---- S+ should go in there I think). Would love to get it done before the end of this year so that it never expires on me.

Although a job would be nice, where I am now, the IT field isn't very demanding. Barely see any job postings for my area and the competition is pretty high. We'll see what happens next. May start college next year, so yeah.

A separate "Thank You" to the people of this forum for continuous encouragement. Thanks guys!
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  • willhi1979willhi1979 Member Posts: 191
    Congrats!! I'd say that Security+ would be the place to go next. Pick up Darryl's book and read it, and you'll be good.
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    S+ is the right choice. Congratulations icon_cheers.gif
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    I completely disagree for strategic reasons. Go for the 293 and get the MCSE! You could take the 298 as a design exam and even get the MCSE Security with the Sec+ and 299 elective.

    You said the job market is tight, I think the recognition of the MCSE would be a great help to you. Of all my certs the MCSE is the one that got the most notice.
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    Congrats on passing!! icon_cheers.gif

    I would go for the MCSE next. That is what I plan to do after I finish the MCSA cert.
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