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Ive been lurking these fourms for quite some time. Ive gathered some great information and insight from this place on my quest to lauch a new career. In short, Im a carpenter/general contractor in nothern Calif. making a midlife career switch to I.T.. Im currently taking classes at WGU and should have a B.S. in Information Technology—Networks Administration In a little over a year. I have a previous degree ( B.A. Psychology) from the brick and morter institute called Humboldt State University in California, however, I have no I.T. experience beyond my 12 years of buiilding and maintaining pc's for self and others. At this point Im hoping to reach out for a little career advice. Mostly I would like to post my resume and get some feed back.. Should I just cut and paste it here in this thread or add it to the existing thread regarding resumes? Finally I know my desprate lack of experience leaves me at the bototm of the IT employment pyrimid and I have a pretty good Idea about what jobs are avaliable to me ( entry level help desk etc) but would any one suggest any other entry level jobs?

P.s Im taking my CIW Associates cert. test tommrow and the first portion of A+ ASAP ( guessing 4 more weeks)


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    Welcome to TE!
    As far as entering IT be wary of recruiters. They may be able to help you or they may just screw you over.
    As for the resume take out the personal info and attach a word or pdf here on this thread.
    For the A+it's probably best to take both tests close together.
    Good luck on the CIW Associates test!
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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    Thank you for the greetings and advice..I will not use a recrutier! and I will take both portions of the A+ as close together as my brain can handle.
    Here is my IT Resume.....Please don't pull the punches.
    This is a resume for an entry level position with no IT experience.

    Summary Of Qualifications
    § Component level parts replacement and upgrades
    • Ground –up PC System builds
    • OS and other software installation and optimization
    • Home Networking creation and maintenance
    • Proficient in all windows OS, Microsoft word and Excel
    § B.S. Information Technology: Networks Design and Management
    Western Governors University, Completion Date: 2012
    § B.A. Psychology 1994, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA.
    Certifications In progress
    § Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Enterprise Administrator
    • CompTIA A+ (2009 Objectives)
    • CompTIA Project+ (2009 Objectives)
    • CompTIA Networks+ (2009 Objective)
    • CompTIA Security+ (2008 Objectives)
    • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) – Windows 7, Configuration 70-680
    Certifications Completed
    • CIW Associates

    Work History

    2007-present Business owner& General Contractor, Joe Bob Builder

    2000- 2008 Lead Carpenter, Rick John builder
    § Reading plans
    § Quality control
    § Code compliance
    § Crew management
    § Rough framing
    § Hanging doors & windows
    § Case& base
    § Cabinets& mantels
    § California Licensed General Contractor

    1997-2000 Youth Counselor, Youth and Family Services
    § Create, maintain, and implement family outreach program
    § Create, maintain, and implement Adolescent Adventure Education program
    § Individual and family Counseling
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    This is errr bad but how do I attach a Doc to my posting?
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    Mfrid wrote: »
    This is errr bad but how do I attach a Doc to my posting?
    I think you need 10 posts before you can. icon_cry.gif
    A.A.S. in Networking Technologies
    A+, Network+, CCNA
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    I would get the certs before listing them, listing them as 'in progress' looks desperate. Once you get the MCTS Windows 7 exam completed that should headline your resume since it is the most relevant cert for your job prospects, which is entry level help desk.

    I hate recommending call center work, but if you can get it it will help pad your resume and get your foot in the door. The pay sucks but we all had to start in a similar environment.

    I would address your career change in your cover letter, feel free to be candid about why you want to break into IT. More than your lack of experience in IT, people are going to wonder why someone at your age wants to start all over with a bunch of geeky 19 year olds who have never known a time in their life where they did not have a computer.
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    I was on the fence regarding listing certs. in progress it_consultant. Thanks

    To be honest the career change is precipitated by the evolution ( or deevolution) of residential home construction. In a nut shell my local building department has gone from an average of 150+ building permits issued a year to 12 last year and 20 the year before.. Basically residential home construction as I know it has disappeared. It will return in years to come but I figure this is a great oppturnity of me to persue other interests and add other skills and knowledges to my life.:)
    Ive always enjoyed technology and building/ repairing computers.. I enjoy learning new things and see IT as an industy in its infancy. I really want to be apart of that industry and participate in its growth.
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