Net Admin AA done next May

jjbrogjjbrog Posts: 149Member
ok I'm already most fo the way done with a network Admin degree at the local tech school. after this semester i'll just have Windows 3 Linux 2 and technical writing. I also have already obtained "Advanced technical certification: Cisco" through the college(which also covered a course based on the security exam, so it was 5 classes, not the typical 4). Not a real CCNA but right now having a hard time finding the time to relax and study for it cause I work in manufacturing 50 hours a week, and of course school.

And with my job driving me nuts I really want to get out of it asap, what are the chances of me being able to find decent(meaning comparable to my $15/h job with vacation days personal business dayd etc) now before graduation? Or how about after?
Started a forum for networking students, its new and needs people!
HTC students encouraged to join :)
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