QA Engineers for testing Juniper SRX Series

hoogen82hoogen82 Member Posts: 272
I know a manager who is looking out for QA Engineers to test SRX Series Service gateways...

Ideally the candidate should have the following

1. Good Routing/Switching knowledge.
2. Good Security knowledge ( Basic knowledge might also suffice).
3. Good Automation skills (Perl/TCL) --> This probably might be the deal breaker and the most important skill required for the interview.

I do know experience required is minimal 2-3 yrs would do... And if the person has a good programming skills, prior experience of automation is not required.

The location is Sunnyvale (Juniper HQ) and is a full time job.

If anyone is interested drop me a pvt message or mail me
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  • msteinhilbermsteinhilber Member Posts: 1,480 ■■■■■■■■□□
    You mean Juniper is working hard to hammer out some of the odd quirks I run into on the SRX platform that I didn't realize were there since I didn't test very thoroughly before buying ~45 of em?

    Just kidding, I still like the platform very much :D
  • hoogen82hoogen82 Member Posts: 272
    Lol... Well I do agree the boxes have been a little bad... But I can tell you there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes... I have worked on the field and also for engineering... When on the field I always use to wonder how the hell did they release a product without testing it....This is true for Cisco too... Since I started my career with Cisco... I was so damn pissed with cisco products...Then I moved onto engineering... I was like damn we test these products so darn good... How the hell does the field come up with these basic issues... We tested it and it was okay... The answer is quite unknown to me still... I moved out of engineering and now back to Field support.... I am back to saying... Damn didn't they test these things in the lab???

    So in all I do not know the answer... They are actually trying to fix the way they test ... Not that it was bad before...

    But I always wonder the lack of response to any of the job posting....These are good paying jobs...If we don't fill up here... The job most likely in a month will be shipped overseas...
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