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Well first I want to just say hi, my first post here. icon_cheers.gif

I am 28 years old with only a high school education. I just been working job to job. Right now I am a sales and service technician for an exterminating company for the past 3 years. Long story short I want to change paths and get on into the IT field. I don't have a strong computer background. I've done a littler here and then. I build my own if that means anything. I fix my friends and families computers. Once in awhile I help my friend in his computer store. years ago I use to do tech support. The past couple of days I been looking for jobs that I might be able to get now. I really found nothing. So where do I start? I was looking at a course at the local community college. The course that interested me the most was their network technology course. Maybe I am reading to into it but I saw the certifications it will prepare you for. So I looked up some of these certs and I noticed you can get some books for a couple bucks and kinda sit down and prepare yourself. I really don't think I can sit down and read through a 2100 page book. The book I was looking at was this sybex one. Any ideas, suggestions? Do's or don'ts

Before I type out a wall of text and bug peoples eyes out. I'd like to see if I can get a response.

What is the best approach to start getting hands on experience?
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