Long time Linux user, first time tester?

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This is a really subjective question I know, but I'm trying to get some kind of idea.

I've been using Linux (Debian, specifically) since Bo (1.3). I'm quite comfortable with the Command line (and didn't even use X for the first year or so). I can work my way around /etc pretty comfortably. Not great at scripting, although I can usually cobble some bash junk together in a pinch if need be.

I used to be a developer for 4-5 packages, and have been thinking about taking on a couple again (looks good on the resume heh).

Based on this information, how much studying would I need before I could reasonably pass the 101 and 102 exams?
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    It's not how much you use Linux, it's how you use it that counts. You can use it to consume content ad nauseam but it won't help you prepare for LPI exams.
    Using CLI for administrative tasks will help you greatly and I would assume during such a long time with linux that you grew to be comfortable with man pages, in which case I'd suggest you take a look at the objectives and then at man pages of each utility mentioned in those objectives. For 102, it would greatly help if you get to know locations and syntax of configuration files mentioned in its objectives.
    I'm afraid you'll have to actually sit down and prepare for the exam. Experience alone can get you far, but not far enough.
    There's a wonderful sticky topic here at Tech Exams, at the subforum dedicated to LPI and Red Hat that lists many helpful resources. Make your choice of guide(s) or just browse the links.
    Good luck with the exams, they aren't that hard but you'll have to prepare. icon_cheers.gif
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