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Ok so I am currently getting my information technology and computer science associate degrees at the same time and then i will go on to get my bachelors in computer science. I just wanted to know what kind of job can i expect to get with both associate degrees? let me state I am in no way shape or form looking for a 100k job I am just looking for something to keep my bills paid while I am pursuing my bachelors. I am also looking for a job that will give me the proper experience so that when I do graduate with my bach. i will have no problems getting a job!


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    Not to specifically bash you because I've seen others ask this same question, but why would you get a degree if you don't know what kind of job it will help you get? I don't have a degree, so maybe there is something I'm missing here, but I know when/if I get one I'm going to know what kind of jobs it will help me with. Aren't there advisers that help you with stuff like that? I'm genuinely curious.

    To answer your question, you will probably be looking at some kind of entry level help desk or programing gig depending on what your CS degree covers.
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    I agree with the above statement fully. IMO most people jump into degree plans without actually planning anything, which is a mistake.

    Your question though depends on alot. Do you have any experiance? Do you have any certifications? Have you volenteered anywhere? Do you know anyone who can get you a job? Do you have any plans to get any of these while getting your degrees?

    Jobs require much more than a degree now-a-days. The plan Get Degree => Get job does not always work in todays situation. Try and come up with a plan of action as to what will be available to you when you graduate, and then assess what you could potentially apply for with what you have to offer.

    Likely with no experiance, a local IT shop or some time of grunt Tier 1 Service Desk work. In most areas though experianced people are being forced to apply for such jobs, so it will still be hard if you have nothing to pitch yourself with that makes you unique.
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    Ok I know what type of jobs I can get with my degree. I guess I should have said without experience so you people wouldnt jump the gun and think i didnt research my degree. I just wanted to know the opinions of people that have already been through this. And yes there are advisors that help with this sort of thing but since they sell you dreams of getting that 100k job straight out of college I personally wanted to know what other people thought!
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    I just wanted to know what kind of job can i expect to get with both associate degrees?
    What courses did you take?

    Which of those are practical and directly applicable to existing jobs out in the workplace? Programming in Net? Java? Databases? Networking with Cisco? Server Systems with Microsoft? Linux? VoIP? Wireless Technologies? Computer Security? Computer Hardware?

    Which those did you like the best -- and did you impress the professor(s) enough to rate a direct recommendation for a job (if they have industry contacts)?
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    Ok I know what type of jobs I can get with my degree.
    Answer the above questions and rank the types of jobs according your answers. Then starting at the top of your new ordered type of job list, compare each type of job against available job openings you can find in your area. At that point the odds of getting a job are directly related to the effort you put into your job hunt (and possibly your academic career since a professor recommendation for a job has a greater chance of success than a passive lay on the sofa and post your resume on the job boards and wait for a job to fall in your lap job search strategy).
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