Resume Critique (Please and Thank you)

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Hello everyone,

Just trying to get a little feedback on my resume. I graduated last year and have yet to find a job in my degree field. Any help would be useful and appreciated. Since I cant attach it yet I will just paste it below!

Objective To obtain a job utilizing my education and skills to gain experience as I become an expert in my field of study.
Education University of Phoenix, Atlanta, GA
Masters in Information Systems
Graduation Date: December 2011

Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Second Discipline: Multimedia; Specialization: Web and Multimedia Foundations
Minor: Marketing
Graduation date: May 2009

Computer Skills
Software: Eclipse, Textpad, Adobe CS3, Banner, Visio, VisualBasic, Microsoft Office Suite
Programming Language: Java, SQL, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS

Bridgewell Realty Inc., Conyers, GA
January 2009-May 2009
• Provided technical support to staff with software and hardware
• Set-up and initialized database for property listings
• Create online intranet for employees to keep track of paperwork and data entry
• Install and update software on all business computers
• Create additional web pages for web site

Work Rxperience

LogMeIn Inc., Woburn, MA
IT Customer Service Representative, March 2010 – Present
• Provide excellent customer service
• Assist customers with various IT troubleshooting issues through remote access software
• Educate customers on how to use remote access and remote printing software
• Assist customers with account information
• Assist IT clients with setting up and managing networks and rescue support

Sprint, Morrow, GA
Communications Consultant, September 2009 – May 2010
• Provide excellent customer service.
• Service and repair customer phones.
• Sale phones, internet cards, and plans to customers and potential customers.
• Educate and assist customers on proper mobile device usage.
• Help customers with problems due to billing issues.

Georgia Southern University IT Department, Statesboro, GA
Teacher Assistant, August 2008-December 2008
• Provided support to professor with class structure.
• Provided support and assisted students in need of help with class assignments.
• Entered grades/assignments into WebCT.
• Entered and updated quizzes and tests on WebCT.
• Act as liaison between students and professor.

Georgia Southern University Registrar Office, Statesboro, GA
Wings Support Help Desk, October 2007-July 2008
• Provided excellent customer service.
• Answered telephone and appropriately directed calls.
• Performed general office duties.
• Helped to maintain Georgia Southern University Wings and Registrar’s websites.
• Helped customers diagnose problems with websites.

Statesboro Bulloch County Parks and Recreation Department, Statesboro, GA
Activity Coordinator, October 2006 - August 2007
• Planned and implemented activities for children.
• Supervised children until picked up by parents.
• Assisted children with homework.

Houston Business and TaxPro Income Tax Services, Valdosta, GA
Office Assistant, August 2004 – May 2006
• Organized and input information in databases.
• Answered telephone and appropriately directed calls.
• Performed general office duties.

• Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity, Initiate President, September 2007- January 2008
• Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity, Recording Secretary, April 2008 - May 2009
• Association of Information Technology Professionals, Member, September 2007- May 2009
• National Council of Negro Women, Webmaster, June 2007 – May 2009
• Order of the Eastern Star, Member, April 2009 - Present


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    It looks pretty good.

    You can create different versions of your resume targeting different jobs, so you might want to punch up your objective and make it specific to the job/industry you want that resume version to target. But your current objective is fine for your catch all scatter-gun hand out to anyone who'll take it resume.

    A lot of people would kill for an internship so that they would have some work experience to list -- but listing it seperatly breaks up the flow (and time line) of your work history. Consider listing the internship within your work history -- but make sure we still know it was an internship since an internship can pull double duty as work experience and an educational accomplishment.

    What?!?!? No Certifications?!?!!? I didn't even notice that until I went back and looked over your resume again. icon_lol.gif

    Education, Experience, Certifications and your people skills (and people networking skills) and a some luck are the ingredients to building a successful IT Career.

    In the current job market drive and determination also help. It will be a while (probably when the Baby Boomers start dropping like flies) before the job market will swing back in favor of Job Hunters and you'll be able to pluck a good job off the Internet while laying on your sofa watching TV.

    Have you decided on what you want to target as your next possible job? If there are relevant certifications to your future job targets try and work them in as you finish your Degree -- but keep the Degree as your priority. Experience is King (or Queen) -- but your Educational Qualifications are forever. Certifications add some keywords to your resume and may get your resume pulled from a pile and get you an interview, but it's the knowledge and skills learned via Certifications that are the gym sock filled with sand that may allow you knock out your competition for the job.
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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    Loving that GSU my best friend. Hope you get more active or this board, or I will come to your place and icon_twisted.gif
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