Resume Critique Please

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Hi Folks,

I too am strugging with finding a job in this market. I've been applying for Senior Desktop Support jobs but I think due to my experience I may be selling myself short. I'm also struggling with the fact that puting certifications on the back burner for the past few years may be working against me because I believe I've been working at an MCSE level and knowledge without the credential to back it up.

I've also worked for a well known multinational service provider for large fortune 100 companies for the majority my career in a virtual office capacity (no real boss in the traditional sense) rather than for any actual companies which always seem to raise an eyebrow in interviews.(these were multi-year contracts).

I've also consolidated my "technical skills" area to reflect areas I'm most confident in rather than every peice of hardware or software I've ever touched. bad idea?

As always your opinions and feed back are appreciated.
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