Thought I would share this

I (and I'm sure plenty of others) purchase TONS of IT related books. I have been a member of a couple sites for a while and decided to share something I came across.

Recently I needed the CCNP Routing and Switching Foundation Learning Library, Cisco Press has it listed for $157.50. has it for $100.41 sounds good right?

Well I don't stop there

What I have been doing is going to and searching for Ebates is a site that will redirect you to various sites and depending on how much you spend, you get a percentage back (just make sure you make your purchase using the redirect from their site). At the end of every month you get a check in the mail for all the amounts that have been spent. I have received a $30 check when I purchased some of my CCNA books using them. I know its not a huge return (my foundation only got me 5% back) but When you move from one cert to another you often (or at least I do) end up spending around $200 for books.

I do not get anything from promoting these sites, I've just been reading about a lot of people buying books and wanted to let them (and everyone else know) that you can save some money and get a little back at the same time.
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