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Finished Net+ a few weeks ago and am taking A+ this coming Monday. Just wondering overall would getting Security+ or starting on the MCSA track be more valuable? The reason I ask is my current position is being eliminated so i'll be out of work come Wednesday and need to try and roll on into something else quickly.

To clarify I fully intend to take Security+ but i'm wondering which would better serve me in the short term. I know that Security+ will start expiring every 3 years but that's not really that big of a deal to me. Thanks for the feedback.
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    I would go Security+ first. Getting that before December 31st gives it to you for life.

    But that doesn't mean dilly daddle (if thats how you spell it) MCSA exams are likely to be retired in the forseeable future. You're only guarantee is that it will be after March 31st (because that list has already been released).

    MCSA exams took me about a month each, as did Security+. Assuming the same for you, you could have your MCSA by the end of February. But again, start tonight and don't waste any time. Completing the 2 of the 3 required exams gives you an MCSNothing.
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    I kind of agree with Devilsbane here.
    You didn't mention what type of work you've been doing or plan to try to get in the near future as that matters a lot when it comes to what certs you should be trying to get.
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    I'd go for the Security+. It'll be nice to have the lifetime cert if you never end up in a job that requires renewal. I don't see a single MCP making that big of a difference on your resume anyway.

    If you were one exam away from MCSA and trying to choose between MS or S+, my opinion would differ.
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    Okay, I do help desk work right now. Trying to get out of it however to a more admin type role. Just really not sure how to go about it. Where I live isn't exactly IT paradise so i'm somewhat limited.
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  • kurosaki00kurosaki00 Member Posts: 973
    as others have said, security+ would be lovely before december ends.
    I'm doing my win7 cert in nov and security+ on december.
    I ordered the win7 book, but already because a class in college im taking, Ive covered various areas of it.
    I'm in ur same dilema! i'm moving to the states in late summer 2011 and want to take at least mcsa and ccna with me. But I cant let this for life security+ opportunity to pass!

    Like others said, and Ive heard/read around, with good studying and discipline not only mcsa for february, but mcsa security before summer too! So give it ago!
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    S+ is the right way to go. icon_thumright.gif
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    At the risk of jumping on the bandwagon, my vote is also for Security+ for the reasons already listed.

    Personally though, I would just start on the MCITP:SA instead of the MCSA for the reasons Devilsbane listed. While there are sweet differences between 2008/2003 (big ones are powershell to contend with Unix/Linux, Server Manager instead of Computer Management, server roles and features, etc.), if you have 2008 knowledge, you could use that for 2003 for stuff like dcpromo, DNS, Active Directory (not much difference since 2000 there), etc. More than likely, you could very well be involved in a 2008 AD migration, and those are 99.9% going to be on brand new 64-bit boxes, be it on HP Proliants, Dell Poweredges, or what-have-you. (Since most shops within the next year or 3 will be going the R2 route).

    Just something you want to consider, but for your immediate thing, knock out Security+ and use "the good book."
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    Note that Security+ still counts as an MCSA elective, too, so you're not losing any time if you complete it... and you get the "core" cert for just about every IT government job.
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