Passed Network+!

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Hello all,

It's been a while since Windows XP (like 2006) but now I can proudly add Network+ as my designation from this morning.

Originally, I wasn't planning to take Network+, but after failing 70-290 six times from January to April, I had to change my IT certification goals.

I used the recommended books provided here on, but I found myself using exam cram more than Mike Meyer's Passport. I used the study guide here on and did practice exams provided with both books.

Well, I'm going to rest for a little bit. Not sure what to do next... Looking over at Security+ and Microsoft Server 2008 perhaps...


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    Congratulations on the pass!
    physicskid wrote: »
    but after failing 70-290 six times from January to April, I had to change my IT certification goals.

    Did your score improve each time out? Did you change up your study habits after any of the failed attempts?

    Always studying for something!
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    Congratulations on the pass!

    Did your score improve each time out? Did you change up your study habits after any of the failed attempts?


    Well Samurai,

    2010 has been a roller coaster year for me. When the year first rolled around, I decided to set my heart to try and conquer Server 2003, and eventually complete the requirements for MCSA: 2003.

    Then problem started coming around. I study for 70-290, do the practice exams and experimented with live labs with virtual machines. Scheduling was a huge problem because my home city (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) only had one test taking centre which was ALWAYS full. I had to drive down to the sister city (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) in the south, either take residence at my sister's place or eventual staying at hotels so that I didn't impose on her. Perhaps I didn't do enough to prepare prior to the three hour drives or maybe I didn't get enough sleep or eat a dependable breakfast during this time.

    Then at home, I was studying while also juggling with home life. The end point was that we had to say good bye to the family dog at home who I have known for 14 years old. The mistake back in April when the put down happened was that I shouldn't have tried to drive down to take my exam for the sixth time. I ended up failing and along with having a good conversation with the president of the test-taking centre, I had to take a step back from 70-290, re-evaluate myself and then make a decision.

    After coming back to Edmonton defeated from the sixth exam attempt, I had learned my fianceé was accepted into the local university in Calgary. This was a wonderful opportunity for her and so the plans commenced to begin moving down, getting settled in and start with her university program. It took another three months up into August before we were finally settled down, fianceé with her schooling and then me studying/finding another job.

    Briefly, I came to the decision to try Network+ on hopes that I would pass the first time. I remember back in 2006 when I was able to obtain my CompTIA A+ on the very first attempt and my heart gambled that Network+ would be the same results. July came around, I purchased ExamCram and Mike Meyer's and amidst the action, I tried to study for Network + while the move from Edmonton to Calgary took place.

    I have written a lot so far, so I'm just going to shorten and just outline what I have changed:

    1) Reading (At first I was afraid to write in the books. But I found with reading I have to work with the information by underlining, and then making notes. Now I have opened myself that THIS IS GOOD).

    2) Relinquishing Roles (Back in Edmonton, I was studying everywhere because my late-dog needed almost 100% care. Knowing that she is happy now and at peace, my mind was more focused because I know deep down she was loved very much by her best friend and she lived a good life)

    3) Diet (I wasn't eating well at home, period. Moving down forced me to cook for myself and my fianceé. It forced me to rediscover the skills I have hidden for so long because of life. I worked on meal planning, I researched alternative budget-related ideas related to food, and other essential needs)

    4) Determination (I finished going through ExamCram book and it was two weeks ago I declared to schedule the exam. It also helped that CompTIA e-mailed me a voucher knocking the exam price from $239 to $191 and that it expires today which pushed my decision. For two weeks, I reviewed Network+ constantly in the mornings before work, during my two-fifteen minute breaks and thirty minute lunches and after dinner each night. I worked on practice exams, analyzing questions to note key words, referred back to notes, books, ExamCram's cram sheet, Techexam's notes, even my HelpDesk stuff.)

    If anybody has read down to this point, congratulations as well as thanks. Last thing, I'll admit I didn't come much to the forums because it was disheartening on me to read about other people's successes while I was spinning my wheels. Things like certifications always came hard for me just because I'm still learning about aspects like good study habits, diets, effective motivation etc. My heart is set on trying to learn, and keeping the open mind now!

    Let me know if I missed something Samurai or anybody else. Now, I'm going to review what options are available for me!
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    Congrats on the pass

    Nice job getting it done while it is still a lifetime cert!

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    Congrats on the pass!!
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