Need help with opening access file please

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Hello ,

We have few PC using Aceess 2003 and some using 2007 . They all on the same network sharing access to a PC acting as storage server . the problem is when sombody creat an access 2007 file and save it , other people who run and use 2003 can not open the file . According to the user , this new to experience as they were able to open MDB created by 2007 , by using access 2003 . Can sombody help please ?

I attach a file as an example but it was saved her as Doc extension as MDB is not allowed , so please make sure to change it back .

Many thanks


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    gosh1976gosh1976 Member Posts: 441
    I don't think the compatibility pack works with Access. You could have the owner of the file open it up in Access 2007 then re-save it in Access 2003 format. You just have to select the right format in the pull down when doing a save as.
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    han.nethan.net Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    yea that right ! , however the file was saved in 2003 file which is MDB . That was using access 2007 .
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