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Hi Guys

Just a quick question, what you be the best test engine for this exam? I am using the Microsoft Press book engine aswell as transcender to stop any gaps I have.

I've only just started few practive exams on subjects but found the press book engine to cover more items to the point of the exam objectives, well for Server Roles and Security anywsay. Transcender hardly seemed to touch security templates, scw using them to apply or create templates etc. It seemed more focused on OU's inheritence etc. I know this will be in the exam but I thought they could have covered more........is there anything better than transcender? Have found them very good before and sure the other sections may make up for this one, just wanted a bit more covered.
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    I bought the Transcender, but barely had any time to use them much. They usually have a good program though.
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  • Brownie1985Brownie1985 Member Posts: 34 ■■□□□□□□□□
    They are very good normally, just this one topic didnt really seem to test that much to do with the exam objectives for me. Never feel confident about exams unless I've tested myself
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    Can anyone tell me if the transcenders reflect the change in the exam? ( adding 2008 R2 and windows 7 questions?)
    Also does anyone have the 70-646, 70-640, 70-642 Transcenders they would like to sell after your done with them? I am going for my 3rd attempt at the 646 exam.. icon_sad.gif


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