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Hi all,

Im looking into taking a SAN cert, we don't use any of the big boys for our SAN at work so i haven't got any real world exp to go on.

From what i gather reading past threads, the SNIA and EMC foundation courses both cover pretty much the same subjects (Hoping someone can confirm that for me) so taking both isn't really worth it.

Study materials is the other concern.. Ive seen in a previous post that some of the material is covered in the Server+, i can get the CBT Nuggets for that since there don't seem to be any other CBTs for these exams available. Then it seems that a few books have been mentioned regularly which are below Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information (9780470294215): EMC: Books: Reviews, Prices & more Storage Networks Explained: Basics and Application of Fibre Channel SAN, NAS, iSCSI,InfiniBand and FCoE (9780470741436): Ulf Troppens, Rainer Erkens, Wolfgang Mueller-Friedt, Rainer Wolafka, Nils Haustein: Books: Reviews, Prices & more Using SANs and NAS (9780596001537): W. Curtis Preston: Books

Would 1-2 of these and the Server+ CBTs be enough for either exam? Are there any specific study materials for the exams or test exams anywhere? I checked measure up and got nothing there...

Thanks for any info



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    I was thinking of getting EMC's entry level cert myself. I have the first book (the one by EMC press).
    So far i was able to collect the following info:

    1) Exam itself is not hard if you know the SAN, DAS, NAS, iSCSI, FC, RAID, fibre.vs fiber concepts. EMC tried to make it as less vendor specific as possible ( at least that is what they are claiming)
    2) You can register at the their website: and download some very simple simulators and even take a mock exam.

    I just got stuck MCSE/CCNA/ and VMware and did not get past 3 chapters of the first book you mentioned.

    Good luck
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    how much exposure do you have to some of the concepts for the storage certs? sounds like you may not have the emc/hds/ibm gear around, you do have something deployed employing similar things (iscsi, snapshots/clones, replication, fc, etc)?
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    I don't have any SAN/NAS technology implemented at the moment but I got the concepts while doing my M.S. in data comm degree (have another course before i finish it).
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    Hi - you may want to visit the EMC Proven Professional community for tips on studying for the EMCISA (E20-001). This thread is the most recent to round up official study resources as well as community discussions about the best way to study.
    I hope this helps! -Gina
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    reviving an old post here sorry.

    i had put off going for a SAN exam but seems im doing more and more work related to it.. (mainly performance monitoring and not zoning/masking icon_sad.gif )

    Has anyone used the vids by EMC?

    EMC Proven Professional Starter Kit

    They seem to be the only vids available for this level of learning, SNIA has an online course which seems to just be a online pdf :/

    Any responses welcome :)

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