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I have been working in I.T for last 10 years and have relevent experience for certifying in CISSP field.
I'm doing the hard studying on cissp, just a thought on endorsement after passing the exam.
I don't know anyone who have qualified as cissp to endorse me.
I live in Manchester (uk). Where and who do i contact for endorsing me?
I'd rather have a body who i can speak before doing the hard study just in case.

Can anyone suggest on what step to take please?

Thanks :D


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    Dont stress it go get teh exam out the way, the endorsement is the easy bit.
    I will say I was in a similar position so I just got ISC2 to do my endoresment, no biggie as long as all your paperwork (CV, references etc) are in order.
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    Check the (ISC)2 Web site for informaiton on how to get an endorsement from the (ISC)2 itself. This was how things were done before the (ISC)2 started allowing certification candidate endorsements from members in good standing.
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    I just downloaded the ISC2 form to have them endorse me and I found an interesting comment at the top of it. Check out the part in bold:
    Use this form only if you are unable to secure a qualified (ISC)2 certified professional to endorse you. Endorsement by (ISC)2 may take up to 6 weeks. Please consider finding a qualified member to endorse you by using any of the following resources: (ISC)2 Member Directory, ISSA chapters, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
    Unless I'm reading that wrong it sort of implies the ISC2 would rather you find a random person to provide an endorsement. I'm going to continue filling out the paperwork for (ISC)2 assistance, but I might give one of those options a try as well.

  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,868 Admin
    RTM wrote: »
    Unless I'm reading that wrong it sort of implies the ISC2 would rather you find a random person to provide an endorsement.
    Your assumption is nearly correct. The (ISC)2 would prefer that its own members vet new certification candidates. This greatly expedites the process of certification and allows the (ISC)2 members to participate in maintaining the quality and authenticity of its membership. And rather than be "random," the person you select should be someone who is already familer with your professional career and skills, and who is also a member in good standing with the (ISC)2.
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    They would *rather* have someone else do it, yes, but they will do it if you cannot find someone.
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