Port Mirroring

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Is it possible to mirror a port over WAN? We will be implementing a VoIP call storage server in our data center, and my boss would like to archive the calls from a remote branch on the server. Our setup:

Storage/Sniffing Server (has 2nd NIC for monitoring)
Cisco 6513
Cisco 2600
Verizon PIP Network
Adran 1335 w/ NIM
Adtran 1238 PoE (two switches needing ports mirrored)


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    It certainly technically possible.

    Well, can you build a L2 connection between the top and the bottom?

    For the bottom, you'd just use RSPAN And that RSPAN VLAN would be what you would need to forward "up" from the two lowe switches.

    Hey, It's 2am in Sweden, so buyer beware :)

    edit: I have no idea what Adtran calls rspan
    edit2: RSAPN -> RSPAN
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I have yet to sit for my CCNA exam. Still getting situated and trying to grasp everything.

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