IIUC cisco press practice exam

I just took a small practice test; 40 questions and passed with an 86% which surprised me a little. I'm done my first read through of the book and have labbed quite a bit.....

How hard are the practice questions with the cisco press book compared to the real deal? An example would be nice like for instance I was getting high 80's to low 90's on the tests for ICND2 and eventually passed with an 876....



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    It is kind of a hard question to answer without going agsint cisco's TOS. I'm inclined to say that the cisco press books are designed to help you pass their exams, so the practice tests included in them could be a fair guess at what to expect from the test. However I would not put all your eggs in one basket. Find some other source to study from, not just the book. That way you have all your bases covered.

    I have never taken and passed an exam based on a single point of study. I have tried that and I failed. Never tried that again.
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    I fail to see how this question would violate any cisco NDA. While I was studying for my CCNA practice test versus real test scores were compared and discussed many times in this forum without issue.

    I'm simply looking for opinions and a comparison between what people are scoring on the boson practice exam versus what they got on the real thing. I'm not asking for any exam information disclosure other than the score which last I checked was okay to make public.
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