Exchange 2010: Serverside Rule help needed

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I just can't figure out whether there is a way to do this or not.
On Exchange 2003/2007 there was a tool which does that (SmartMover) but it doesn't work on Exchange 2010 so I hope there is a way to do this using built-in tools.

Basically I have a mailbox with several aliases.

Default SMTP: [email protected]
Alias #1: [email protected]
Alias #2: [email protected]
Alias #3: [email protected]

Now in Outlook this user created folder underneath the inbox, based on the aliases


Is there a way to create a server side role which will move these emails automatically?

Using advanced roles in Outlook seems to create client side roles only which is probably due to the fact that even if you receive an email to an alias, it will still display the default smtp address regardless and only the full header displays the "alias*" address.

Does that makes sense at all ? Is there a way to accomblish that ? The mentioned tool hooked into the information store and moved emails to a folder which is based on the email alias - quite nice, but it isn't (and won't) working in 2010.
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