3750X strange behavior

notgoing2failnotgoing2fail Member Posts: 1,138
I have a strange behavior for two 3750X's that I'd like to ask for anyone who has stacked these up.

First let me explain the setup and what works.

1) I have two switches. (Switch01 and Switch02)

2) Switch01 is set to master and Switch02 is slave.

Now, I know that the switches are properly stacked because the main console becomes the Switch01 console. Even when you jump on Switch02 console, it displays "Switch01#" on the console. The original MGMT IP address of Switch02 no longer works as that is now Switch01's MGMT IP address.

The strange behavior that I see is that on the main LED lights on the front panel, the MASTER LED correctly displays on SWITCH01.

But when I reboot Switch02 and it comes back up, it takes over the MASTER LED??? The light on Switch01 goes dim.

If I reboot Switch01, then it takes over the master led again.....why does this happen? Shouldn't the Master Led display on the switch in which I have manually set to as master? In this case Switch01....

On a side note, even when Switch02 takes over the Master LED, the main console is still Switch01, so nothing really changes from the logical unit point of view....

Thoughts anyone? I don't have access to these switches at the moment.....


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