XenDesktop Express as a starting point??

I'm highly interested in learning XenDesktop and XenApp technologies...I've got XenDesktop Express downloaded...I'm assuming that it would be a good place to start. Honestly I'm not too interested in getting the cert, but I would really like to know how to work those two technologies.

I've read a good bit through the posts here, but notice that alot of people saying there aren't any good books. Went to the Citrix site...there's no way I'd be able to cough up 5 grand to take any of the classes...

So I guess the question is...if you're not in an environment that uses the stuff every day where do you start to learn it??


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    Besides providing expensive courses, Citrix has quite a few free resources for learning XenDesktop. The XenDesktop documentation is OK. I think the evaluation guide is a good way to get started.
    Evaluating XenDesktop

    You can also go through this, which covers XenDesktop VDI edition (more components that Express):
    TechNet Virtual Lab: Implementing XenDesktop 4 with Microsoft Hyper-V R2

    There was a free self-paced online training course from Citrix covering XD 4, but it seems to have been replaced by one covering XD 5:
    Citrix XenDesktop 5 Overview

    There's also Citrix TV, which has a ton of videos covering XenDesktop (and other Citrix products).

    Lastly, the official XenDesktop support forums are a very valuable resource. People are quite friendly there, so don't be afraid to ask newbie questions (just search first, though you have to use Google since the forum search sucks).
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    Thanks a bunch for all the links!!! Much appreciated. I have another question...more of wanting opinions than anything.. Why the heck does it seem that Citrix has so little market share.

    Maybe that's not the right way of putting it, but to me when I saw Citrix stuff for the first time quite a while ago....I was like DAMN!! that should be everywhere.. I seem to notice that hospitals and the like use thin clients....just curious why it's not more widespread. (maybe it is and I just am not seeing it). What are your thoughts on it?

    I understand that Windows Terminal Services could also be used for thin clients (unless it has been super improved, I don't see that it holds a candle to Citrix as far as user experience) I may be talking out my a$$ though, I'm certainly not as knowledgeable as I'd like to be about either technology...but I don't see TS in that many locations either...

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    I don't have any market share numbers. However I think the most common Citrix program is XenApp (formerly Presentation Server, Metaframe XP, etc.). If someone asks if you use "Citrix" they usually mean XenApp. I think it's widespread in large enterprises, however, the pricing and complexity make it difficult for adoption by SMBs. My own employer had Metaframe XP years ago, but it was never upgraded and eventually it was replaced by a cheaper, simpler product.

    I think XenDesktop is less common because it (and VDI in general) is relatively new. I mostly hear about relatively large implementations (2000+ users) on forums, press releases, webinars, and at seminars and other events. I don't hear much about environments under 1000 users, like the I work on.
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