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I will taking 70-290 in 3 days time, I have some questions still linger in my mind.

1. When to use Safe Mode ? When to use Last known good configuration? What is the subtle difference between both of them

2.When do use CSVDE and LDIFDE? What i know so far is their output file is different only.icon_rolleyes.gif

I hope you can understand my question.Thanks.


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    See below:

    1) Last Known Good Configuration is used when a PC or Server doesn't get it to the login screen and hits a blue screen or error before it. Safe Mode is used in all other scenarios.

    2) CSVDE can be used to output and input user information using a comma seperated value file (CSV). LDIFDE uses a LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) file format.
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    Thanks for the reply

    I failed the exam again icon_cry.gif

    I have some question again:

    1.In real life, did any System Administrator frequently use Emergency Management services in cases of server down? Is there any way to simulate the situation in Vmware workstation, where i will to access another server through EMS using COM port?

    2.In a multiple domain forest, if I want to create distribution group, what kind of group scope is suitable, global or domain local. For example , user in HR department in LA in LA domain might want to receive email from HR department in NY in NY domain and receive email from his/her HR department colleague email.I hope my question is clear.

    3.If you want to create a service account to schedule a backup job in Scheduler tasks.What user right assignment should you assigned to the account?

    4.In what kind of situation would you enable hyper threading on processor or just simply install more processor to reduce processor load?
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