What should I do to prepare for 2nd Ntwk Engineer Interview

I have applied to around 80 places, I have had numerous callbacks, interviews in the past week.

I have a 2nd interview with a telecom/cable data provider. The interview will be with the HR Manager and a network engineer. This is my first interview for a engineer position.

Any tips? Pointers? Something I should study?

I know they are looking for someone to learn with them and not someone who comes in hot and thinks he knows it all.

I was just going to look at what I have put on my resume and come up with specifics about each items but I have seen other people prepare for a network engineer interview like they are preparing for the CCNA...


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    don't fake and don't lie
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    keenon wrote: »
    don't fake and don't lie

    Yep thats exactly why they havent filled the position in 4 months lol.
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    keenon wrote: »
    don't fake and don't lie

    Couldn't have put it better myself.

    The HR portion will probably consist of the regular questions to find out if you are some kind of psycho. You should be good here unless you are in fact a psycho.

    With the engineer questions just be honest with your knowledge and ability. You don't want to lie yourself into a bad situation. My current job I was put on call for the highest level technical escalation in the company my third week on the job. It was sink or swim and I would have been out the door if I would have bs'ed my way in.
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    Thats what I did on the HR interview which kudos to the HR rep she was extremely knowledge about networking/engineering :)

    I already had my long HR interview asking all about my history, technical, personal, blah blah that was about 50 minutes and it seemed to go very well.
  • PhildoBagginsPhildoBaggins Member Posts: 276
    Well I have self checked and made sure everything on my resume is something I can train or am at CCNA or higher level knowledge on and I am.

    I know they want someone to take on telecom (but they don't want an expert) so I have been studying some telecom just in anticipation of questions on it. I figure if I answer with "This is what I know about DACCS, BERT, Channel Banks etc.... but I have never been hands on with the technology other than configuring T1 service modules" I will be better off.
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