Passed 70-685

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Passed 70-685. Scored 978 in 75 minutes. Used MS Press book, CBT Nuggets and got Darril's book for a few evenings. Some scenario questions were twisted and some you could answer even without reading the scenario at all. Got some questions, which were in 70-680 :) Overall opinion - if not scenario questions, this exam could be easier then 70-680, but you have to be familiar with Active Directory and know by heart Windows 7 GPO.


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    Congrats on the great score!
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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  • Matt27[lt]Matt27[lt] Member Posts: 74 ■■□□□□□□□□
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    Congratulations. and don't feel that getting a high score doesn't make you a cheater and getting a low score doesn't make you a loser.

    I got 975 and 700 and I did study more for the exam I got 700 in.
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    Good job how many Question on test, how long do you get to take it.
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    Eddieb wrote: »
    Good job how many Question on test, how long do you get to take it.

    I don't remember how many questions. Maybe about 50 ? I've prepared for 3 months before taking 70-685. Before this I took 70-680 which has similar topics with 685, so it also helped.
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    How many scenario questions are there? According to my findings there are 46 questions on the entire test.
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    @Stegib52, do you realize you just answered a 4 year old question? :D
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    Well no.. icon_lol.gif I do not spend any time on chats. Just finished my Sec + 401 and taking lots of others to catch up. Last exams were A+, MCP, MCSE back in 201. icon_lol.gif
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