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Is this phone good enough for the CCNA Voice exam? Newegg.com - Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone

Also, do you really even need a phone? Can you just use the soft phone where you install the software on your computer?


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    I can't speak for that particular phone. For that price, you can go on ebay and probably get a couple of phones. I purchased 3 phones (2 7960 & 1 7961) for $150 shipped. You're going to want multiple phones so you can set up different configurations and test them out. Features such as intercom, call transfers, call parking, hunt groups, etc... You can use the IP Softphones on a computer... but you'll only be able to configure one phone on each machine. HTH.

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    I'd recommend the 7940 and 7960 series if you buy nothing else. This is mainly due to the fact that these are the most common phones and the ones you will see most in business. You can probably get them cheaper because of this fact and also why not learn on what everyone is using?
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    I bought two 7912's and one 7960 for my CCNA Voice exam off of ebay. You will probably find better deals off ebay, no need to get new stuff off newegg, especially not one of those. My guess is that is a phone you won't see very often in enterprise environments, where as 7911's and 7940 & 7960's you will see frequently.

    And yes, you absolutely need phones. Not only will it make you smile the first time you make a phone ring, but how could you add "Voice" to your CCNA and never have actually made a phone ring XD.
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