CCENT Completed, 875

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I wanted to share the good news yesterday but I was too tired after the exam. I booked the exam for the 23rd because that was the earliest date I could get. I had worked the night before so I had to come home and get ready for the exam at 1:30. When I arrived at the testing center it was about 1:25. The environment was OK, I was the only person taking the exam at the time. I think the test was not hard but it was no walk over either. I attended a Cisco netacad a few years ago so there was some similarities with the layout of the exam when compared to the module exams. I had used various materials over the years because I was apart of the 801 era while I was at the academy, but Train Signal, CBT nuggets and CCNA Study Guide, by Todd Lammle are a few. I just want to end by saying thanks Tech Exams, this forum has really help.


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    Congrats, just in time for the holiday!
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    Edit: and to hiddenknight821 as well!
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    Congratulations! I just passed mine too.
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    maddem wrote: »
    good news
    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
    passed mine too.
    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Awesome -- don't make the same mistake I did -- go straight into ICND2. I ended up waiting over a year and I had to review ICND1!! ;)

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    Congrats! When are scheduling your next Exam?
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    THA_DOC wrote: »
    Congrats! When are scheduling your next Exam?
    I am presently studying for ICND2, so in a month or two.
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