F5 GSLB query

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Hi not sure where to post this but hope some one can explain

With GSLB the BIG-IP recived a dns request and returns the IP address of the server which the client will connect to.

however say I have a few serperate domain names


However I only want www.test.com to be loadbalanced. the rest should get resolved normaly to a single address.

I assume waht happens is you ahve you authoritive DNS server for test.com. to answer all other address normaly, but to forward www.test.com on to the BIG-IP device to be resolved. Is this the correct way to set it up.

Also say I have two BIT-IP devices that are remote from each other. but redundent to each other. which device runs the helath monitors? the one local to the servers, or jsut the current active one?


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