I think this is a neat idea!

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...maybe someone has already thought of it. Windows 7 has a "HOMEGROUP" for home networks. It's meant to be simple and easy, but I find it to be a pain in the butt at times getting certain kinds of functionality going (like setting up a share for backups).

But anyways on to the brainstorm - a single sign on solution for your home network that has a replicated user database on all of your home network computers. Yes, like active directory, but meant for non server computers. The whole thing about having an active directory server at home is that it would need to be on all the time. This adds up in electricity costs.

So basically you have a trust relationship within your home network and can use the same account on all of your computers. Home PCs can hibernate or be shut off and it doesn't matter because the directory DB is on all of the networked computers. Has this already been implemented in some project I've never heard of? Bonus points if it's a cross-platform solution!
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    What would this replicated user database actually contain? Just the passwords or you'll have their complete profile in there?

    You're going to end up with a synchronisation nightmare with a replicated database amongst machines which may not all be on at the same time. If they're always on then its not too bad but once you have machines which may not be on the network for periods of time like laptops then it is more difficult. Which profile has priority? The profile on the laptop which has had all your changes for the last month but hasn't been connected to your home network for that month? Or the profile on your desktops which you logged in today but didn't actually do anything?

    If you don't have AD then just use a workgroup and setup the various users on each machine they need access to. No idea why it doesn't work for you.
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