New CCNA-Voice delimma... IIUC vs CVOICE6?

Hi Everyone,

Okay, I'm back at it... Here's we go again... getting into the college mind-set of all-nighters and studying constantly! -= big sleepy grin =-

I just skimmed through Jeremy's IIUC videos and was getting ready to do his CVOICE 6.0 videos. You just gotta love Jeremy!

I noticed that getcertify4less has the CVOICE test onsale for $129. You can't find it by search at the moment.. just ask for a link in chat and they will give it to you - and it doesn't expired until 12/22. Not a bad deal at all.

However, the IIUC test - which should also give me the CCNA-Voice certification - is like $250 or something crazy like that.

Why is the IIUC so much more expensive?

I also found that material in the IIUC was much easier to comprehend and it looks as though the CVOICE test is going to be harder. Any comments/suggestions?

I want to complete this before the Feb deadline because it looks as if everything is going to 8.0 and probably more expensive to emulate in the lab environment.

Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Your friend in Virginia,
Paul L.


  • ptlinvaptlinva Member Posts: 125
    If I take the IIUC test and aquire my CCNA-Voice, do I also have to take the CVOICE to work towards the CCNP-Voice certification?

    ...or will the IIUC test/CCNA-V cert count towards that one?

  • mikearamamikearama Member Posts: 749
    Between now and the end of Feb, if you take the CVOICE, you will have your CCNA-V... AND your first exam toward the NP-V.

    However, if you take the IIUC to get your NA-V, you will still have to take the CVOICE as one of the requirements of the NP-V.

    I'm battling hard to do the first option... which ostensibly drops the exam count to reach the NP-V from 6 exams to 5.

    The second option requires passing the IIUC to reach NA-V, and then 5 more exams for the NP-V, including the CVOICE. I see no advantage in this approach whatsoever, not the mention the $150US in savings.
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  • chmorinchmorin Member Posts: 1,446 ■■■■■□□□□□
    ptlinva wrote: »
    If I take the IIUC test and aquire my CCNA-Voice, do I also have to take the CVOICE to work towards the CCNP-Voice certification?
    ptlinva wrote: »
    ...or will the IIUC test/CCNA-V cert count towards that one?


    As of right now, the Cvoice6 and the IIUC exam both give you the CCNA:V acquisition.

    After February, you can no longer take either, and you must take the ICOMM exam to get the CCNA:V prerequisite filled to start the CCNP: Voice.

    As to the difference in the exams, IIUC is focused on CME and small business voice applications, where as CVOICE is focused on enterprise applications and fundamentals (which it does a bad job of in v6, IMO). If you take the IIUC exam, you still need the CVOICE exam to get your CCNP: Voice. If you take your CVOICE exam, you do NOT need to pass IIUC to get CCNP: Voice.

    Being someone who took IIUC over CVOICE, I can tell you why I did it:

    1) Information overload.
    -The CVOICE exam, which I read the first quarter of the book, gave WAY TO MUCH information that overwhelms any individuals who are new to the topic of VoIP. At least it overwhelmed myself. Taking the IIUC exam allows you to say you can implement small business solutions to VoIP, and use those skills to build off of when you enter the CCNP: Voice curriculum.

    2) Enjoyment.
    -Going the CVOICE, at least the first few hundered pages and informaiton that I injested, I learned nothing I could just set up and DO. I learned nothing about making a phone ring. With IIUC, within a week I had my 1760V ringing phones and putting a smile on my face. Nothing makes learning better than enjoying to do it.

    But everyone is unique, so pick your monster. They are both going away in three months anyway, so it wont matter soon. You will have to deal with ICOMM which teaches you to administrate in a pre-configured environment... I wonder how you learn to set that up for labbing...
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  • ptlinvaptlinva Member Posts: 125
    Thank you gentlemen for taking the time to reply. I really do appreciate it.

    Yeah, I've got to admit that the CVOICE is a bit overwhelming for me as well... at least at this time.

    See, I'm sort of a hands on guy. There is SO MUCH to the CVOICE that I actually can't reproduce/try, and I'm having a hard time absorbing it. I really like doing on my equipment what they are doing in a video and I actually get to see it work. Then it sinks in...

    Just doing a "?" at the end of a line, seeing an option to know it's there, really doesn't do much for me.

    However, both of your viewpoints are valid... and being one on a SERIOUS, no money at all budget, I'm probably going to be forced to study for the CVOICE.

    Did you think it's going to be a LOT harder?

    Thanks agian so much for your time and efforts.

    Your VA friend,
    Paul L.
  • 2ndchance2ndchance Member Posts: 62 ■■□□□□□□□□
    After looking over the exam objectives for IIUC and ICOMMv8, and reading chmorin's excellent breakdown, I would compare these two exams as follows:

    IIUC - intended for someone who is more concerned with learning the engineering aspects of setting up a Cisco voice solution. This looks like the cert for someone who currently works as a consultant or wants to become one.

    ICOMMv8 - intended for someone who works for an organization that already has a voice solution. This exam looks like it is focused heavily on the end user experience.

    I currently work in an environment where ICOMM would be more beneficial, but I would prefer the knowledge gained from IIUC. It's just a shame that I don't think I can pull off IIUC in next 3 months.
  • peanutnogginpeanutnoggin Member Posts: 1,096 ■■■□□□□□□□
    2ndchance wrote: »
    I currently work in an environment where ICOMM would be more beneficial, but I would prefer the knowledge gained from IIUC.

    That should make this exam easier for you since you get to see the material day in and day out! icon_thumright.gif
    2ndchance wrote: »
    It's just a shame that I don't think I can pull off IIUC in next 3 months.
    You don't have to study something and get certified in it. You can still study and learn the material. Who knows... you may get selected to deploy a VoIP solution in your future... that would be the wrong time to learn the "fundamentals" IMO. Give it a go... even if you don't get to test by 28 Feb, you'll still gain the knowledge! HTH.

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  • anthonyg2879anthonyg2879 Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I am with u guys on this. I am not sure which route to take ... i was thinking of going for the cvoice but will i be able to complete by the february 28th deadline is the question. It might be too much to digest in this small period of time. Not sure if i should start off slow and just look forward to taking the ICOMM v8.0 exam later on down the road. I currently dont work with VoIP so i really would have to setup my own lab which might be difficult from what i am reading. I wish i could find a job within VoIP and then take the class on the side .. working and learning at the same time. Currently i am working on the voice side of the house with old technology, PRI ISDN circuits. THe IIUC would be good to learn now for my current job since i work on the WAN side and interface with csrs who use call manager/ unity express CPE. I am more or less looking to continue to work on the WAN side but with VoIP in which the cvoice comes in handy .. and probably more money ...????

    decisions ... at this point it might be too late to start studying for exams that retire in about a month
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  • hermeszdatahermeszdata Member Posts: 225
    I would suggest doing parallel studies. I've had the IIUC books, both the CP Cert Study Guide and the CCNA Coice Lab books for several months (though I haven't done that much with them) and they at least helped me get VoIP set up at my home office.

    I plan to re-sit 640-802 next week after I finish my brush-up (based on what I learned on my first experience) and pull out the stops to prepare for the CVOICE Exam!
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