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Hi there, can yo please help on finding an alternative to VMware work station. I need a platform to install Windows 2008 server on ( 5 Machines minimam) and can access it from the same computer ( physical one )

I know that Xenserver might be similar but I cant see how to get a graphical interface to aceess the Virtuial PC . I know that I can use XenCentre but that via a network I think , if I missing anything please let me know .

I need the Virtuial platform to do some training .




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    haven't messed with xenserver for a while, but I think it is the same as ESXi. You need to install a client on a second machine to build the virtual machines. Once they are up, you can either continue to use the client software or uses RDP to access them.

    I'm not sure if they are still around, but I used to use Microsofts Virtual PC and Virtual Server for my lab setup. There was not client, everything ran on the same computer.

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    Hello han.net,

    I think I understand your question so please correct me if I'm off target. You are looking for a type 2 hypervisor to run at least 5 VM's using your own laptop. As you already mentioned you can use VMware Workstation (which recently just cut its price), VMware Server (free), Virtual PC or Amazon EC2 which offers a free usage tier (AWS Free Usage Tier). There are several more products out there, but any one of these should do the trick.

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    I like Virtualbox. Runs really well.
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    Many thanks for all that , Im looking to build a pc with quid core and 8 G ram of ddr3 ram . I need to do MCITP course and that needs to run 5-10 virtuial machines . I need a virtual platform to do this and thought about Citrix as its free Xenserver , but I did not know how to log into the machines from the same pc , in other words , there was no graphicla interface that im a ware of without using Xen Cetnre via network . I need that if that was ok .

    I m not sure if Virtual box support Server 2008 R2 and windows 7

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    han.net wrote: »
    I m not sure if Virtual box support Server 2008 R2 and windows 7
    Yes, they are both supported. Note that since 2008 R2 is 64-bit only, your laptop needs hardware virtualization support (required to run 64-bit VMs). The user manual is here:
    Oracle VM VirtualBox®
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