CVOICE... 2nd times a charm

Probably the toughest exam I've personally sat to date... well, BSCI and CVOICE are neck and neck.

I failed this one last Friday... no less than 15 of the 60 questions were in no way touched on by the Cisco Self-Study Certification Guide, or the CBT's.

However, after getting a feel for it last week, and spending the last seven days touching up where I dropped the ball, I managed a pass today. 830 to pass... got an 860.

I labbed up everything I could that the CBT's and the book showed config for... really kewl stuff. I spent some cash and grabbed a 2611XM, a 2621XM, and a 3640 running CME 3.1.1. Getting analog phones working was a treat.

So, on to CIPT1. I'll start with the v6 material until the v8 goes mainstream.

We are in the process of rolling out a 50 seat pilot at work... we have a cisco SME on site of late, and he's a wealth of info. I should have started with the CIPT... I'd be further ahead today. Nonetheless, getting to see everything in UCM v8 while studying v6 should cover all the angles.
There are only 10 kinds of people... those who understand binary, and those that don't.

CCIE Studies: Written passed: Jan 21/12 Lab Prep: Hours reading: 385. Hours labbing: 110

Taking a time-out to add the CCVP. Capitalizing on a current IPT pilot project.


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