Took exam on October 24

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and still no results.........
Next up: OSCP


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    And when you sent [email protected] an email asking about your results, what was the response?
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    JDMurray wrote: »
    And when you sent [email protected] an email asking about your results, what was the response?

    I haven't emailed that specific address.
    I've spoken to about four different "Customer Support Advisors", and I was told twice that if it doesn't come by this day, it will definitely be the next day, etc....

    Since this is the last business day before the 6week mark comes up this Sunday.........................

    I have a feeling that the Holidays, plus the grading fiasco has thrown everything into a loop. Since they are a private organization when it comes to grading, and we don't even know who they outsource the grading process to, we have no idea how the two organizations are collaborating, and what is the true source of the varied delays. IE: 30th OCT receives results, but 24th OCT results are not ready yet.........

    Highly frustrating.
    Next up: OSCP
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    I also sat for the exam on 10/24. Waiting, waiting...
    I walked out of the exam thinking that I did pretty well, but this waiting period really allows for doubt to creep in.

    I received the same information from customer service. *sigh*
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