XA5 for W2k8 and Wk3

QHaloQHalo Member Posts: 1,488
I picked up the CBT Nuggets stuff for XA5 on W2K8, which is pretty good actually, and I was wondering something. We're still a XA5 PS4.5 shop on Windows 2k3 and I'm sure we will be for a little bit longer. Other than the obvious, how much difference is there if I was to take both the W2k3 and the W2k8 versions of XA5?

I'm guessing the biggest things are understanding how TS and the GPO's operate from each OS but outside of that I don't see how the XA5 portion of the exam would be much different.

This is my first dive into Citrix certs and having the CBT nuggets stuff has help conceptualize the software really well. I'd like to knock both of these out and then dig more into XA6. I started working in XA6, then figured I was getting ahead of myself. Going back has actually proved to be a better step for me. My cert path is that I want to get through the CCA's and work toward the CCEE. I know that's going to be difficult getting that far quickly and I know that you only need one of these, but I figured that knowing both ways, and then moving to XA6 would cover me if I start looking for a job that is actually focused on Citrix, which is something that I'm really contemplating as I'm really enjoying the Citrix products.
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