CCSP/CCNP: Security Study Plans

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First let me setup this premise (if it is incorrect let me know). I am planning on doing the CCSP w/ SNAA before the cutoff and have CCNP: Security automatically covered. Since January, I have been out of practice in regards to PIX/ASA, and I have only had minimal exposure to routing and switching since that time. Prior to this, I had considerable experience in all of these things. I do have access to lab equipment, so that is good.

My plan is to study for the CCNA Security and then roll right into SNRS exam, as they seem to have considerable overlap. From there, I plan on doing SNAF and SNAA, as they seem to be logical to bundle. Finally, I plan on knocking our the IPS exam, which I hope I could just take the most recent version of the IPS exam at the time if the current exam is EOL by then (31MAY2011).

Does this seem like a good plan? I plan on buckling down on this soon (after next week). Thanks!
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