Dual rate-limit on interface possible?

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I have effectively rate-limited users on one vlan to 64kbps but what I'm wondering is if I can also rate-limit the entire interface collectively to 2.5Mbps?

I know you can't use the old style "rate-limit input.." when you have a service-policy on that interface but is there a way to incorporate the two together in the same policy?



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    I may be wrong, I have not gotten into much policy design standards (please correct me if I am wrong) but to me if what you are trying to accomplish has multiple expressions it should be set as one policy ( see below), if each setting is for a different function it needs a different policy. You need 2 speed limits on 2 separate interfaces so you would need 2 speed policies.

    These are some of our policies for QoS, T1child is applied if we need all the options specified, if not we use the T1 policy just to specify a speed.

    policy-map T1child
    class c_voip
    priority 512
    class c_video
    set ip dscp af33
    bandwidth 800
    class c_missioncritical
    bandwidth 64
    class c_priority
    bandwidth 64
    class class-default
    set ip dscp default

    policy-map T1
    class class-default
    shape average 1544000
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