I passed 818

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So here's the scoup.

Yes a few questions on routing a repoted in an earlier thread -- straight forward.

Lots of weird questions like....

Which is faster ...SONET or OC-12
Ok, please give me hard and fast info...please.
I chose SONET since STM and SHS (whatever its called) could go much higher than OC12. Aside, STS, STM and OC are all friggin related. Since OC-12 was only 51.84*12 and SONET could go even higher than 192, I chose generic SONET. But this is the type of vague questions I dealt with.

There were enough questions on what would you do NEXT. Only one question with an exhibit. But know the problem solving steps....
Id the symptoms
ID the area, etc

I had lot of port and protocol question --(Thx speed to you-know-who)

Oh one IP6 question which realated to DNS

I'm spent...


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