At one point in time i was wondering about which path to choose. I was never able to answer that questions so I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the subject.

I never could figure out which track was more beneficial for the moment. I know the newer technology that everyone would eventually move to which would be server 2k8 and Win7. That sold me on it in the beginning, until i realized in the field just how many offices still use XP and 2k3. With no intention of upgrading for atleast a few years. I was on a deployment for a chase office only a week ago and they were getting brand new desktops with XP. I think people in the industry are kind of weary, probably because of Vista, but how soon do you think the move will take. The DMV(for instance) JUST upgraded to XP from MS-Dos, in NYC at least. I do a lot of retail IT like in supermarkets and the cash registers are still running Windows 2000, XP on the self checkouts.

I would appreciate any feedback.
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  • demonfurbiedemonfurbie Member Posts: 1,819
    it also depends on how long you think it will take for you to get one

    look at how long it will take you to get one and base your choice on that now whats happing now.

    or you could get the mcse and the mcitp as well after
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  • -Foxer--Foxer- Member Posts: 151
    It's a hard question, that many people have asked. I think it depends on your market, and what people are using. But, I still think it's a better route to go for the MCITP. It will still give you a good idea of how 2003 works, since they are similar, but it makes you look good to anyone who is going to be upgrading.

    Also, I'm guessing that more places are going to start upgrading over the next hear as the economy picks up. At my job, we've already upgraded everything to 2008, so I'm glad I went that route.
  • TheSuperRuskiTheSuperRuski Member Posts: 240
    I thought they were as different as XP to Windows 7. But that does make sense, I dont think it will take that long to pass all the test besides building a lab of some sort. but i think by the time im ready to go for this title, a lot more companies will have moved to server 2k8 or sk8 r2. I`m sure when the time comes the decision will be easier. I am going to get the 70-680 so i think i should just go for the MCITP.
    Thanks for your feedback
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  • PristonPriston Member Posts: 999 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Unless your current employer that prefers MCSE over MCITP. I'd say go for the MCITP.
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