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Anyone here ever purchased Technet? If so was it worth?


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    Anyone here ever purchased Technet? If so was it worth?

    I've had a subscription for nearly a year and will happily renew it next month. I couldn't have got to where I currently am (one exam away from being a MCITP:EA) without it.

    The software I've had access too has proved critical to being able to learn as much as I have.

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    If I didn't have access to dreamspark as a student and to MSDNAA through my student ACM and IEEE memberships I would definitely get a technet subscription.
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    Thats what i was kinda figuring, Im pulling the trigger today on it, how is the Online Concierge Chat? Have you ever used it?
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    I am a MS Partner so have a MAPS Subscription; I also have access to Spark and TechNet through contracting and mates but IMO TechNet appears to be by far the best for the regular person needing a lab. I am not renewing my MAPS next year and will go Technet.
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