Passed with 857

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I passed my network+ today with a 857! :D .

It wasn't too bad of a test, I had been worried all week about taking it cause a co-worker of mine had taken his last week and said his was pretty hard. But I studied the material and made sure I knew it very well before I took the test. I found a few questions confusing cause they always have those you could technically answer 2 different ways.

Just to give some people ideas of what I used to study. I used

Mike Meyers Network + Book
and some materials I found digging around these forums.

Next up I am going to start working towards getting MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator (Since were I work we are going to start rolling out Windows 7 within the next year and I do must of the deployment work), and then on to the MCITP:EA.


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    Congrats on the Nework+ pass....I will be taking the test in 2 weeks. I did my Security+ first and I am actulally having more of a challenge with studying for the Network+. I think this is because all of the memorization.

    By the way, on Netowork+ do they have an onboard calculator available to do some binary to decimal and vice versa?

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    Yeah there is a lot of things to memorize. I personally never saw a option for a calculator on my test for any of my answers, however my co-worker told me however on some certain questions for him it gave the option for one but it was never for one related to subnetting. So what he did was just go back to that particular question to check all his answer icon_cool.gif .
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    I also felt the test was easier compared to what everybody was telling me it would be. I always get worried the last week before any test even though deep down I know I'll do great as I'm very good at being prepared.

    By the way great score!!!!!!!
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