Passed today with 825

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Used Learnkey video training (Mike Meyers) and the Mike Meyers All in One. This was the first exam I did not use a testing engine. Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out.icon_cheers.gif

I surprisingly did not have any questions regarding subnetting (which was a relief to me).


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    Congrats on the pass!

    Yeah, i memorized a huge table for subnetting. Then had basically no subnetting questions at all. Closest thing I got was a question asking if /24 was classful or classless. Oh well, was fun to take the exam anyway.
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    I had one question that dealt with subnetting. They gave me an IP address with a CIDR and a subnet mask and asked me which of the devices you needed to use to connect to another host. The second host had an IP address provided btw.

    You needed to subnet at a basic level to find out if you needed a switch, router etc.

    Beyond the above I had tons of questions that had no relation to each other. The test was extemely varied in the selection of questions.
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    Congrats on the pass! Yeah I was worried about subnetting too, mostly because I can't really do math very well in my head. That's why calculators were invented right? icon_lol.gif Obviously should I go the CCNA route i'll need to see if I can do it but for Net+ as long as you know /8, /16 and /24 you're solid.
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