Network + before the end of the year?

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Hey guys,

Looking for some input, and I know it's going to be hard to gauge. I'm trying to see if taking the Network + this year to obtain the lifetime cert seems feesible.

I worked at Geeksquad for 3 years, and currently received a job as a help desk analyst for a major university. I have A+ and my Dell cert. I'm not great with networking, very little experience in the area. However, the University is willing to pay for my Network + if I get it this year (for the lifetime cert).

This Wednesday (22nd) is my last day of work for Xmas break. I guess I'd have, maybe, 5 full days to study for the test before I'd have to take it.

I know you can't gauge how much I really know about networking, or how much I can absorb, but do you think that this is obtainable?


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    It's probably possible, but to be honest I wouldn't attempt it. My networking experience is right about where you are at, and it took me a few weeks to get it down solidly. You could cram all of the cable properties and port number stuff in a week or less for sure, but you really need some kind of complete read through of a study book to understand the conceptual stuff. Do you have any study materials already?
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    I only have the CBTnuggets videos :\

    Any recommended materials?
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    nx1no wrote: »
    I only have the CBTnuggets videos :\

    Any recommended materials?

    I used CBT Nugs as well, but found Mike Meyer's All-In-One book to be more beneficial. I passed the Net+ last Friday after studying for roughly 3 weeks using those 2 study mats. CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fourth Edition (9780071614870): Michael Meyers: Books
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    nx1no wrote: »
    I only have the CBTnuggets videos :\

    Any recommended materials?

    I thought CBT nuggets was pretty good. I used them and Train Signal solely and passed with a 885. But that was my route as i didn't have any books, nor did i want to use them. But if you get the book that was recommended(mike meyers) and read a chapter or two a night. That with the videos, you should be fine.
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    If you think you're close and can afford to gamble on taking it, I would say go for it!

    A friend of mine at work just passed and and is glad he gave it a go.

    Now of course if you've just started studying you're probably not going to want to waste your cash on the odd chance you'll pass.

    But if you're close, go for it while it's still a lifetime cert.

    Good luck and happy holidays to all!

    And have a merry fooking Christmas while you're at it!!!

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