Another Sec+ pass!

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What a relief!!! I started reading in September, used Sybex, Transcenders, and quick guide from MCMCSE to flip through right before I went in. I was beyond relieved to see the Congratulations. The screen went blank white for 15 seconds, making my heart almost freakin explode!

I'm pretty psyched, mainly because this is my first exam in 4, maybe 5 years. I had no need to take it, but I wanted to get it in before Comptia drops the lifetime cert status on Dec 31st. Plus I set it as a goal on my performance review system for my company. My boss had mentioned a few times it would be good for me if I passed it. My position doesn't require it, but I do deal with some of the stuff covered on the exam.

As for the exam, no details obviously. But one thing I did notice, and can say... the software may have changed, the way the exam looks on screen has changed, the testing location has changed...but the damn tricky question writers are still at it! I had 2 questions that were almost word for word; it took me 5 minutes to figure it out. I'm glad I used the mark button liberally. I used all but 22 minutes of the alotted time, most of it reviewing questions. I try not to spend any more than 30 seconds per question the first time through. That helps me get the easy ones out of the way. Works for me, as unorthodox as it may sound.

Next up, converting my MCDST to something Vista related before that retires, then working on W7 stuff...

***Time for a few cold ones!!!!***

**Best part is, employer pays for everything!**
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    Ricka182 wrote: »
    **Best part is, employer pays for everything!**

    I'm jealous! But congrats anyways.icon_thumright.gif
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    Your method actually sounds pretty smart. I might have to use that one in the future. Congrats on your pass.
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