70-662 - Federation and RMS?

I've been watching the TS series and so far, so good. However, it mentioned that you can't really setup a lab for Federation so I was wondering, for those who took the 70-662, how much focus is there for Federation in the exam?

Not looking for anything specific, just whether or not it is a big part of the exam.


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    Every test is different, and I won't violate the NDA, so I will only use the information MS has made public to answer your question. MS has kindly published the percentage of exam material dedicated to different areas. Client Access, of which Federation is a topic, is 15% of the exam. Guessing that the exam has 60 questions (length can vary between exams), that means 9 questions dedicated to Client Access. Since Federation is one of 4 major topics in CA, I'm guessing maybe 2 questions on Federation.

    Of course it's probably not that simple. MS uses a weighted scoring system that is adjusted so that all exams have a passing score of 700. 700/1000 doesn't mean 70% either - some exams can be passed by only answering half the questions correctly. Maybe you only get one question on Federation because MS considers the other Client Access topics more important, I don't know. Since you can't do labs on Federation, squeeze in a couple more on other topics like Autodiscover and OWA just to make sure you score well in the Client Access section.
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    I am in the same boat - I am happy to have an employer who didn't have a problem to sponsor a SAN certificate for my own server so I could actually work with that - but I also have to work with the federation trust in theory - I go by the rule of 'fail this topic but master the rest' - hopefully it works out lol
    My own knowledge base made public: http://open902.com :p
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