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Also with an 822. There were only a few I felt I missed, due to either all of the answers seeming wrong or two possibly correct.

I took a college course on it that ended in late November and have been taking practice tests and reading Darril Gibson's book since then and Darril Gibson's book was by far the best resource if I had to pick just one.

I have no experience in the field, but we use a lot of the stuff at work (military) and I ask a lot of questions. I am pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity through UMUC and am now going back and doing the certifications (took Net+ last year and Sec+ last semester, so I took the Sec+ cert first due to the expiration change). I'm going to study up on Net+ and take it soon before my next semester. As far as certs go, after Net+ I'm looking at CISSP, C/EH, and CCNA (and CCNA-S).

Thank you all for providing a place to get suggestions and answers! I will likely be spending more time in the Net+ forum until I take that exam so until next time!


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