Count me in. Just got mine today.

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824, 4 days study time, 1 book, 2 practice exams, and 1 exam voucher.
I really gotta give credit to Mike Meyers on this one. (This is no AD so take it easy.) Mike's books are an easy read, engaging enough to keep me at a 200 page per day reading average. I used his book for 2004 A+ and I was pleased, so I chose his for Network+. A am somewhat disapointed by the included CD, it has only 1 set of 50 exam-like questions, his old A+ book had 4 if I remember correctly. The test program of the new book offered me to buy additional exams, and to me that was a "no thanks". I used the CompTIA's own practice exam as the other set.
Paid all of $35 for the new book.
I bought my voucher from Total Seminars for $206, don't know if that's the best deal around, just throwing it out there.
So that brings me to a $241 total for this certification... I think I can absorb that. No lunch for 2 months and I'll be back on track financially.

I'm having trouble logging into my career account to order the paper version of the certificate... Prolly not gonna get resolved until CompTIA returns to normal work regimen on Monday.
Going for Security+ early next week. I'll take all the luck I can get.
Cheers. BeerCheersSmiley.gif


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    Congratulations! I'm sure you'll knock the Sec+ out, but good luck all the same.
  • TheSuperRuskiTheSuperRuski Kanyeshna!! Member Posts: 240
    Congrats man, And good luck on the security+. If you haven't heard darril gibsons book is all you need. Read that entirely an take the test. Almost a guaranteed pass.
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