Passed without Darril's book

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I passed yesterday with 838 after a week of preparation, roughly one hour per day. After reading Technotes on this web site, I did a practice exam to see if I should get Darril's book to do it systematically. Well, since the practice exam turned out pretty good, I decided to skip all big book reading altogether. I did four more practice exams to find out areas that I was not too sure about then looked them up in Wikipedia. Wikipedia was SO useful!

After passing it, I would say if you have a lot of experience in related fields like me, you could follow the same route in preparation. Same goes to A+ and Network+. Unlike Microsoft and Cisco tests, Comptia always find new ways to skew the question to mislead you if don't really know the stuff. This may also explains why there isn't many high scores (>900) out there. I guess another reason there isn't many high scores is that some of correct answers in the test are very debatable. I have 3+ years of field experience in most of areas tested, I have a feeling that the people prepared the test questions are not network/security admins themselves. They basically create the questions based on Comptia knowledgebase with a certain perspective then add in some skew without specific reference to brand of products used, therefore it is very easy for them to overlook situations with different brands of tools involved in setup and many other possibilities.

I wish Comptia exams provide a memo field to collect feedbacks like other exams.


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