Installation/configuration Contractor type jobs.

When i started in the IT field(sounds like awhile ago but it really isn't) I was so obsessed with trying to learn everything i could, to do all the jobs in the world basically. I was so shocked to find out, in the real IT Contractor type world, dam near EVERYTHING is either pre-configured or will come with instructions to configure it. And a lot of time who ever gave you the job, will tell you exactly what/how they want it done. In the beginning, i use to stress that i didn't know ALL of the cisco commands so i couldn't touch a router or install one. Only to find out, no one is gonna let me install one without calling there tech support and working with someone to configure it. All i could do was laugh at myself. I know there are scenarios where somebody wants something done and you are basically expected to know EXACTLY how to do it. But I`m glad i jumped off the cliff and took that first job, cause its been all up hill since then. I`ve learned so much doing these types of jobs.

I`m posting this for two reasons.
1: If any noobs out there are curious about that type of work, go for it. Don't accept the "i need someone to design my network" type of job but a "install/replace router" type of job would be just fine. Be honest about your skills, THE TOOLS YOU HAVE (Cant stress that enough)and you will be surprised about the type of work you eventually wind up doing.
2: How different is this scenarios in the corporate setting? I can't imagine its the same, or is it? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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    thenjdukethenjduke Member Posts: 894 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Very good post.
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    SpecialladieSpecialladie Member Posts: 22 ■□□□□□□□□□
    This is good advice. I am the epitome of noob. I am just getting started and I took a liking to security from my CISSP instructor in school and decided that what I want to be doing. After graduation (2 weeks ago) and sitting for my first cert (last Saturday), I still have no clue what kind of work I will be doing. I am very interested in an information security jobs that are being offered at Stennis Space Center I have had Top Secret clearance when I was in the military a long long time ago, so I am guessing they will explain all that to me if I get an interview, but I am just worried. Waiting on this scores is killing me, It will be seriously life changing for me.
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