Issues with using a GPS with Google Earth

exampasserexampasser Member Posts: 718 ■■■□□□□□□□
I got an inexpensive GPS unit for Christmas (MS Pharos iGPS 500), when I set it up to connect to Google Earth though it sometimes plots me in Africa (apparently it thinks I'm Rick James)(it fist pots me correctly then just draws a large red line to Africa and goes to it). I first though that the GPS went nuts, but I tested it with a 3rd party GPS utility and I wasn't getting any bizarre coordinate readings. Any ideas (I did update to the latest version of Google Earth but no luck)?

UPDATE: The GPS has gone nuts possibly, I checked it with the utility and I was receiving invalid position error messages (the device does show up as a serial port, so possibly it needs to be plugged in before I boot?)

2nd UPDATE: I rebooted with the GPS plugged in and everything is going ok for now, not holding my breath though.

3rd UPDATE:It's messing up again, looks like it's time for an exchange. . .
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