Failed 70-647

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The sybex book is a piece of ****. I felt very well prepared after working with it and with the CD material that came with the book. After taking the test... I think that book was written for an entirely different test. I spent the morning craming material on Softgrid and Hyper-V and didn't see a single question on it.

I'm going to have to get a different strategy for this exam.


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    Bad luck, I'm sure you'll bowl this one next time and get a good score.

    As I've mentioned in this forum before I don't use books like the Sybex one, nor the MS self study guides, they're far to light on detail to pass the exam.

    I'm mostly reading the detailed Technet articles on network planning (there's plenty of them available). This is because from reading the list of exam topics that's the only way I'm gonna pass this sucker. There's not a lot of this stuff I can lab on VM's that's gonna help me.
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    Sorry to hear about the result. Keep in mind that the exam has been updated since the Sybex book was published. You'll find other books have the same issue. There are several threads about this. Hopefully there will be second editions of the various study guides.
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    I would use the MS self study all the time, technet articles are awesome and should be used as well. To be honest I don't think one book is enough for this exam it's not an easy one and does cover a lot of materials.

    Sorry about your fail, I'm sure you will nail it next time try to focus on your weak areas and to get other resources as well.
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    I'm studying for this one now. Spent the last week with no internet access so I had to read MS Press and use Trainsignal DVD I purchased earlier.
    If you can try out the Labsim for this. It really does a good job of covering all the areas. And as mentionned earlier Technet. The MS Press book you would need to keep all 4 books handy for reviewing earlier stuff.
    The Trainsignal for this but is IMO.
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